GNU Make

CMake Directory Variables

CMake creates software build systems for a wide variety of platforms based on a single, unified control file–it’s a makefile maker. You create the CMake control file once and based on this file, CMake will create almost any build environment for you: GNU Make for Linux, Eclipse project, Visual Studio solution for Windows, and the list goes on. More

Control Your IC Design Flow

Chip design is an iterative process.  The design flow is run repeatedly as it is extended and refined into a program that can automatically build the entire chip. Your flow needs software to make sure that only the necessary steps are executed, in the correct order, on the correct data. Different hierarchical blocks must be constructed similarly, yet differently.

This is one of a series of articles on simple, specific techniques that will make your chip design flow easy to use. In this installment, I will explain how to control your chip design flow, and rules to keep it organized. More